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is a gvSIG's extension to view in a agile way the records of vectorial geographical information layers. Its main characteristic is that allows to see the element's attributes one by one and in vertical direction. Some of its features are: edit alphanumeric values and navigate among the elements of an information layer.

NavTable is a simple tool that was thought to get a more comfortable user experience in GIS. In spite of beeing a very recent development it is very useful in order to work with data everyday.

The extension NavTable has been developed by the Cartography Engineering Laboratory of University of A Coruña, Cartolab and it's currently maintained by CartoLab and iCarto. It has been released under the terms of the version 3 of the GNU General Public License. We encourage to any user to let us know any suggest, comment, bug reports, etc...

Main Features

How to use it

In order to use NavTable, first we must select a layer into the gvSIG's TOC and press the button . This will open the NavTable window and from now on it will be possible to deal with using its buttons and checkboxes.

Read the user manual [EN] - [ES] - [IT] or watch a screencast to learn how to use the main NavTable features:


NavTable is an official extension of gvSIG, which means that gvSIG versions from 1.10 and onwards are bundled with it by default. You have not to worry about it.

Anyway, find below the released versions of the project in case you need:

Version Date Installer Binaries Source code gvSIG version
1.0.3 2014-03-06 gvspk Manual installation ZIP - TAR.GZ gvSIG 1.12
1.0 2012-07-16 gvspk Manual installation ZIP - TAR.GZ gvSIG 1.12
0.8 2011-03-28 BIN - EXE Manual installation ZIP - TAR.GZ gvSIG 1.11
0.6.2 2010-08-12 BIN - EXE Manual installation ZIP - TAR.GZ gvSIG 1.9 and gvSIG 1.10
0.6 2010-05-19 BIN - EXE Manual installation ZIP - TAR.GZ gvSIG 1.9
0.4 2009-09-18 BIN - EXE Manual installation ZIP - TAR.GZ gvSIG 1.1.2
0.2.2 2009-06-02 BIN - EXE - ZIP - TAR.GZ gvSIG 1.1.2
0.2 2009-05-11 BIN - EXE - ZIP - TAR.GZ gvSIG 1.1.2


NavTable is an official gvSIG plugin, so if gvSIG is installed in your computer, NavTable should be also there. This instructions are provided mostly for update purposes. From the latest versions NavTable can be installed manually or with the gvSIG plugin manager

gvSIG plugin manager

Manual installation

If you want to install NavTable manually you can download the binary files for the required version and unzip the folder es.udc.cartolab.gvsig.navtable into [gvSIG_installation_path]/bin/gvSIG/extensiones/. Even if the file has .gvspkg as extension, this is a zip file that can be decompressed.

Remove the old folder before paste the new version

How to participate

NavTable is under continuos development, incorporating new features, fixing bugs, etc. That's why all the suggestions, ideas, comments, bug reports will be welcome.

Help us to make NavTable better!


Copyright (c) CartoLab, 2009-2014. Copyright (c) iCarto, 2011-2014.

License GNU GPL v3. You can find the terms of this license in

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